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Belgian Beer Weekend 2016 
03:18pm 06/09/2016
  Here's my write-up of last weekend's Belgian Beer Weekend in Brussels:

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Camra on LJ 
05:22pm 26/06/2006
  Hi, I've just started a real ale community for Camra members and others interested in real ale. It is at camra_uk. Please feel free to join and pass the word around.  
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We all like a good drink 
07:59pm 29/11/2005
mood: Helpful
But sometimes it can just be a bit silly. I myself tend to abuse the drink, admittedly it's usually crap cheap stuff just because I just wanna get wasted but that's gonna stop now. I would like to put up some contact details for various places that can help, on the gothic_ale info page so please feel free to contribute information, tah.

Good beer should be appreciated and not abused methinks, I'm sure everyone would agree.
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